Dreading Consciousness

by netra ft. We'rewolves

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A depressive black metal/shoegaze influenced trip hop EP which has been compared to a huge range of music including Necro, Gravediggaz, Shining (Swe), Skinny Puppy, Manes (Nor), and Xaosis (Pol).


released November 18, 2013

Steven LeMoan - All Music, minimal vocals
We'rewolves (Hockeymask, Konsept) - All Lyrics, Vocals

Jana B. - Artwork (jany.blahova@gmail.com)



all rights reserved


We'rewolves Oceano, California

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Track Name: Definition of Love
Hockeymask -

I'm empty, all I do is drink excessively
to the point it's hard for my brain to retain memory.
Forget everything, just get a drink.
I never think; 'cause everything depresses me.
I don't care about anything
just need a series of girls to endlessly pleasure me,
in a constant fuck-fest of rough sex
buying booze for girls that ain't even 21 yet.
Probably got aids but I never got the blood test,
I don't care either way I could give a fuck less.
Life is orderless, Kind of bored of it,
wish my doctor was more like Kevorkian.
Pass the pills, I don't wanna have to feel
constantly contemplate suicide - but lack the will
Taking shots gazing off looking dazed and lost,
Something must've derailed my train of thoughts.
Agoraphobic introvert - I'm a nervous wreck
Clean cut but creepy as fuck like Herbert West
Poppin' percocets, not concerned with death,
the brain damage I've acquired has all been permanent.
Wallow in worthlessness and dirty sex
with teenage girls with perfect sets of perky breasts
I came to the conclusion that this life just didn't matter
& started slowly killing myself in tiny different patterns.

Konsept -

Mentally damaged, socially challenged
corroded my intestines ingesting dope by the gallons.
Wrestle around in this head that's never been balanced
Getting head from a chick that said sex is her only talent.
I wouldn't doubt it, I stay surrounded by idiots
interested in nothing but fucking sucking and sniffing shit.
This is it, there ain't nothing more to this life
your born with addictive traits then you suffer from them and die.
My eyes reflections the naked body of lillith
embracing satan and saying the spell that probably killed us
Father rebuild us, look at your flock of children
we're nothing but talking monkeys and junkies who never feel when...
Enough's enough, fuck it, who gives a fuck
if I overdose on this oxy it's awesome - I've given up.
Tipping the cup as I drink of the precious blood
My sins were never forgiven - my definition of love.
Track Name: Whore
Hockeymask -

She looked like an angel, I could tell she wasn't
Fell in love with how she's opposite of well adjusted
Self destructive, looked in the mirror and felt disgusted
Need another seroquel to function.
Misery loves company - I'm as sad as you
Let's see if we can turn eachothers' scars back to wounds
Human flesh is a trap for our tortured spirits,
Being whores that share it only makes it more apparent
This life isn't for us - it's such a chore to bare it.
We just wanna use drugs that distort awareness.
We were born to perish, so bored and careless,
we go hand in hand like divorce and marriage.
Take perscription meds while we're laying in her bed
She gives me head while we're listening to Christian Death.
Pull down the sheets and take off your clothes
Get out of bed, I'm so tired

Konsept -

Haunted by the scenes in these scripts that I have written
David lynch is RJ Whittacker and god is always missing
Swallowed by the fiction that is realer then my faith
Met an angel in Los Angeles and watched her fall from grace
Haunted by her face, fire in her eyes
You can take a person's soul but desire never dies
Silencing the cry voices opened up the sky
Lucy must've lost her diamonds when she found she couldn't fly
Now it's her and I, chemicals between us
seem to sing a lovely lullaby - you know that won't redeem us
Hoping she's anemic with a lust for kitchen cutlery
and acts like Sharon Tate on August 8th when she is fucking me
Functioning on levels only devil's wanna play within
Pray to satan baby and one day you'll get to lay with him
Takin in these toxins as I watch you lose your faith
Dancing naked with that angel that is known to change his shape
Track Name: Enter the Void
Konsept -

Guided by shadows, my body limp in the stall
Am I dead or just dreaming seeing my life from the sight of god?
The void's been entered tibetan scriptures unnoticed
just floating through hell on earth through the curse of chemical doses.
Numb to emotion I'm jaded beyond salvation,
degraded faded and hating the face of these mental patients.
Mentally vacant for centuries I've been chained
to this worthless body of bones in a state of morbid decay.
Hearing her say that she never loved me repeatedly
playing this broken record and swallowing what she's feeding me.
I taste the hatred like vinegar in my chiva
and see her face in the static that gathers thru my receiver.
Hiding beneath the appearance of barely functioning
punching holes in the wall until my fists are bloody and crumbling.
Stumble thru life with no angels over my shoulders
just apparitions that whisper "The end is constantly closer..."
Lost in the notes of depressive psycho-analysis
Auto-biodegradable flesh that's covered in calluses.
Wandering houses still haunted by her familiar
I feel the chill in the air but I can't explain why I killed her.
Still burning candles and laughing at my reflection
My sociopathic mind can't be cured by anti-depressants.
If life's a test then I failed the finals, no question
My suicide wasn't planned but I pulled it off with perfection.

Hockeymask -

So depressed, all I ever do is go to bed,
wake up in a bad mood 'cause I overslept,
no way to cope with stress, so cold and tense,
hopeless mess, need support but there's noone left.
My soul is dead, I'm emotionless,
alcohol and opiates are my only friends.
I don't feel alive, it's hard to really try,
I should probably get abilify pills perscribed.
Can't tell the difference between dreams and what's really life,
it all seems like scenes from vanilla sky.
The guilt we hide always kills the pride,
the look she had in her willing eyes is still inside my filthy mind.
This nightmare feels like an eternity,
trying to get my mind clear is still of no concern to me.
I don't even think that therapy would really help,
I just talked to my ex-girlfriend and she told me to go kill myself.